How does our tech provide this advanced personalization for NFTs?

We use data to determine what digital media asset goes to what individual or group.

Our Patented technology creates a personalized stream of media assets for each person. Media can include acquired NFT media assets.

Individual NFT digital assets (graphics, animation, Mixed Reality, video) can get woven into a personal digital media experiences (streaming and social video).

The personal stream can be composited / layered in the video or can be placed as an edit inside of the stream (like current social video)

How It Works

How It Works

Entre Builds Greater NFT Utility

Once a user acquires an NFT it just doesn’t have to sit in their wallet. The visual asset can be used as well as the data confirming the NFT acquisition and ownership parameters. For example, this can enable the owner to:

  • Get exclusive access to unique digital experiences such as exclusive artist media/video content
  • Gain access to an exclusive community only available to owners
  • Meet others “within a media experience” who share the same interests
  • See themselves or their NFT asset represented inside a streaming video, or Mixed Reality experience

Utility within a Universal Media framework exponentially builds value and defensibility for all who become adopters.

Entre Builds <b>Greater NFT Utility</b>